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Mercedes Benz GLC

Mercedes-Benz intelligent drive
Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive – comfort and safety have now
been fused. You can see it and feel it in the GLC. Using
networking – our safety experts call it “sensor fusion” – the
assistance systems analyse complex situations and, thanks to
improved peripheral sensors, identify dangers in road traffic
more effectively.

Interior comfort – inside a dream
You’ll slip straight into the fast lane with the GLC. But take
a moment first to luxuriate in this interior. It’s easy to sum
up what the GLC offers in terms of comfort: more space, more
flexibility, greater appeal. This is no invitation – it is an
inner compulsion.

Multimedia systems – state of the art
Whether on your own, with a partner, kids or friends: you and
your GLC will wend your respective ways through many different
situations in life, the big city jungle and out in the wilds.
Prove to yourself and your passengers up front just what good
taste you have. With cutting-edge multimedia systems. The best
is still to come.

Mercedes me connect. Welcome to your world
Our mobility has changed in double-quick time: we now live
digitally and can be reached at almost any time. The same needs
to apply in the car. Mercedes me connect networks the driver
with his/her vehicle – and the vehicle with the whole world. A
comprehensive range of convenient services will support you
while on the move and ensure greater safety, greater
connectivity and – not to be overlooked – an even more exciting
driving experience.

Safety – at the heart of all our thinking
Virtually no other area inspires the Mercedes-Benz engineers to
produce such consistently impressive results as much as
research into new safety technologies. The first important
safety milestone was reached back in the 1950s with the
development of the passenger safety cell, invented by Béla
Barényi. Today it is just one of many components of the
Integral Safety Concept which edges Mercedes-Benz vehicles ever
closer to our vision of accident-free driving.